What if the Neville Brothers and ZZ Top had a love child, and he formed a band with Jerry Reed, Tedeschi Trucks, Delbert McClinton, and Jimmy Vaughan?  If you added a huge dash of humor, devoted writing, whirlwind energy, and zealous drive, you’d have - The Firebrands!  


The Firebrands always bring the energy, GROOVE and the FUN.  Devoted to their craft to a fault, they bring a whole new buzz and excitement to the power trio.  Their southbound sound lives in the soulful, bluesy rock continuum, but blends in heaping helpings of New Orleans funk, Americana/old county twang, Motown, and bar band exaltation.  The inventive rhythms of The Professor, Jim Roberts, and the catchy riffs, make your feet move!  Did someone say dancing? Check~!  Originals, hooks amore and grooves du jour - FUN is just another name for - The Firebrands!  


How did they meet? At a an impromptu set at a Labor Day bash in 2021, Bassist Glenn Jones announced to the audience. "And now, I'd like to introduce the band.  Jason meet Jim and Jim meet Jason! From the first note, the rocket blasted off the launch pad. There was an immediate “click” or what could be called, a big bang!  So it began. The band did months of pie-fueled woodshedding before their next gig. Coupled with writing session and retreats, it all has paid off as the live show is cow punch strong, ready to brand the biggest fan! From their confluence of influence,  you get Waylon to Cash, Zeppelin to the Clash,  Joplin to ZZ Toppings to the bottom of the beer glass - buckle up - here they are - The Firebrands